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Supersil Architectural Product Private Limited
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CEO's Message

Mr. Kalpesh Sheth, CEO Says:

“India has come a long way and will be at par sooner or later with Developed countries in Manufacturing of Quality and Environmental friendly Products.

‘Supersil’ a Manufacturer of Metal Ceiling & Facades contributes to the above facts.

All Products of Supersil stands at equal ratio in all parameters of Quality when compared to the Global leaders.

Aluminium & Galvanized Steel the basic raw material of all Supersil Products is totally Recyclable and Reusable the basic need in Environmental Safety and to be Green.

Green’ Building Coming up in unimaginable quantam are prefering ‘Supersil’.

I believe Cost is still the Priority in Architect’s mind while designing and that is where the ‘Supersil’ Products Perfectly fits. How? Yes even though initially it may be 20-30% higher compared to Gypsum boards / Mineral fibre boards but eventually when compound with Life, Maintenance, Colour durability it turns out to be quiet cheaper.

Metal Ceilings are only ceilings that is washable hence originality is regained as and when cleaned.

One more thing, Metal Ceilings are only the Ceilings which looks perfectly appealing in dark colours like Blue, Red, Maroon, Yellow etc.

For Better Aesthetics, I appeal Architect’s to design Combo Ceilings like Cell & Clip-in, U-Shaped & Clip-in, Linear & Lay in ,75 C +150 C+ 225C, Plank Carrier in various width etc.

I am highly thankful to all Clients and Architects who has been in the Growth story of Supersil and make promise that My Company in very near Period will come up with more Products that are Eco- friendly and correctly priced with the help from our Technical Collaborator ‘PASCO Inc.’ Chicago, USA.

Thanking you for visiting Supersil and hope to serve you”